Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chocolate Nose Slobber and Baby Pictures

Today was another good day....lots of personality and even a few sounds....not sure if they were words or not, but something other than giggles!  Tomorrow is his medical check up.  I've had people say that we don't get to go with them when they are brought back to be examined, and others that say we I guess we'll just have to see, but prayers are appreciated. 
We have one RN and one nurse practitioner in our group and Jett allowed the nurse practitioner to look in his ears and in his mouth a little bit!  She said one ear looked like it could turn into an ear infection, so if you wouldn't mind praying for healing, we would appreciate it so much!  
Today I was eating some dark chocolate (thank you Krista Williams, I am finished with all my dark, almond chocolate!  Obviously I didn't plan very well...I still have 5 more days!).....and Jett wanted some, so I gave him a little, and to my surprise there was some chocolate slobber coming out of his nose.  We weren't sure if there was an opening that went all the way up....but after we saw that, I looked in his mouth a little closer and sure enough there is a small hole that does go all the way up to his nasal passage.  Looking at the medical records that we were given before we had him in our arms, we weren't sure what to expect, but now as we re-read them, and have seen inside his mouth, it is all starting to make more sense!

There was another surprise today as well....I had heard from other families that have adopted kiddos from the same orphanage, that they had received a packet full of pictures from the time they arrived at the orphanage until the time they left.  I asked our rep while we were in Zhengzhou if Jett had anything like that and she didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  Anyways, when Morris was looking through and preparing all the paper work for tomorrow, he came across a packet.....full of pictures!!!! I was absolutely thrilled!!!  It showed pictures from about the time he arrived and pictures of him before his lip was repaired....and pictures of him with other little boys from the orphanage too.  There are also pictures of him with his same nanny, probably around the time he arrived at the orphanage!!! So you can imagine the bond he had with her was a close one!  I am so thankful of the care he thankful that she loved him!  There a quite a few pictures of him smiling....which makes this mama's heart happy too!

My heart is sad for his birth mother....that she didn't get to experience this sweet little boy...that she was more than likely forced to make a decision that she really didn't want to make.  My prayer is that her heart would be at peace...that some how she would know her son is being loved on and cared for...and more than anything, that she is loved by our Heavenly Father.  I feel so privliged to be his forever mama and so thankful that God pressed this upon our hearts...this process has forever changed him be all glory and honor!

Today I am just doing some random photos....Mo hasn't done his daily duty of uploading our pictures for the day!  Maybe he should get himself a different duty!!!  He has also figured out that it is easier just taking them on his phone and uploading them onto Facebook....which doesn't help me with my blogging!  Anyways, enjoy!
 I told y'all that I treated myself to some ice cream on the way back dow the wall...this one was for you Eva Means!!!
 This is "Gotcha Day" before we left to go meet him!!!
This is another picture from the lovely Walmart in Zhengzhou...the carts have magnets on them so they don't roll down when you are riding the escalator up or down!  They also have different snacks you can grab on your way in or out!
Well, that is it for today! Hope all is well back in the states....we are looking forward to seeing y'all when we get back!

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