Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting to Know Jett

I will warn you there is only one picture (and it's a great one!), but, today was probably one of my favorite least a couple hours of it anyways.  I was able to sit down with our CCAI rep and we went through the packet of pictures and updates that his nanny gave us!  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have this information....a little sneak peak into the heart and personality of our boy, given by the person who lived every day with him for the last 22 months.

We learned about when he had his firsts; such as rolling over, crawling, and walking.  We learned his nanny's name and that he's been with his same nanny since he was 1-1/2 months old.  We learned that he really does love to be outside....when he wanted to go out, and they wouldn't take him, he would sit at the door and cry.  We also learned that she thought he was "lovely" and "naughty" a lot....sounds like a few other kiddos I know...I won't name any names though!  The stories she shared of him were examples of his warm and kind heart, as well as, his stubborness, and some of his funny personality.   So far I'm thinking that he and Jake are going to be best buds or at each others throat, competing for my attention.  I'm sure it will be a little bit of both. 

Going through this packet, I learned that he had two really good buddies that he would play with, eat next to, and dance with.  I'm sure he is missing them as much as his nanny, but hopfully, his 4 siblings will change all of that...I just wish I had some pictures of them...who knows, maybe they'll be in the roll of film we need to develop!

Funny Personality:
I also found out that in his orphanage they raised pigs, ducks, and chickens....apparently he loved them and would imitate their movements....when he would see the nannies laughing at him, he would laugh and do it more!  Sounds like we have an entertainer on our hands! 

Apparently when the nanny would tell him "no", he would smile and laugh at her and do it again "on purpose" she wrote, which is probably why he is doing that same thing to me. When I tell him "no" or "bu" as he knows it, he looks at me and smiles, but at least when he sees that I'm serious, he doesn't try doing it again....ok, maybe sometimes!  She said that he would also go around and take the crib sheets off the cribs and throw them on the floor....I had to laugh at that one....although I know what a pain it is putting those on!

Warm and Kind Heart:
She wrote that one time when they were getting a snack ready for the kids, they handed it out to a few of the boys (one of them being him)first, and when some others didn't get theirs right away, they started to cry...he quickly gave his to one of the little boys crying....this makes my heart happy to hear.  So far he is very good at sharing...maybe he'll teach Jake a thing or two!

Those are just a few of the stories I was able to hear today.  More than anything I loved that his nanny wrote down how much she loved him and that he followed her around everywhere....he was her shadow, or as they say it over here, "her tail"!  You can tell that he was well loved and cared for, and no gifts or words could ever be enough  to say thank you for all she has done for Jett.  I am so thankful that in the midst of caring for so many kids, she took the time to write down things that are important not only to me, but things that will be important to Jett one day too!!!

This is a picture of Jett with his nanny! I love this one...I think it shows how much love she has for him!

God, I thank you for his nanny, that she took such great care of him and most of all that she loved him.  Thank you for placing her in his life until we could come for him!  Why do I ever doubt you...why do I ever think that my plan could be better....I am overwhelmed by how perfectly you chose Wu Hao Jun, to be, Jett Wu Bramlett....that he gets to be apart of our family forever....and that we get to be apart of his...thank you for letting us be his parents....we are so honored!  You have done far more than I could have thought or imagined and I am beyond grateful! My heart is full!

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  1. I am catching up on your blog finally-congratulations!! Jett is awesome! What a fast timeline you had after LOA. I still wear your adoption t-shirt all the time and get tons of compliments. Glad to be following you again...Stacy