Thursday, August 14, 2014

His City

So I am  a day behind on my bloging....but it is what it is!  Yesterday was a great day, for two reasons, first of all, it was the love of my lifes 31st birthday! I couldn't imagine sharing this life with anyone but him!  And being together in China to bring home our new son has only brought us closer! The second reason it was a great day, was because we were able to go to Jett's hometown and see where he spent the last almost 2 years of his life!  To have some pieces to the puzzle feels amazing...some day he will have questions and we will be able to answer and show him pictures to some of those questions. 
We started off taking what they call the "Bullet Train", which goes 186 mph.  I was actually pretty cool. I may even like it better than an airplane because you actually get to see places along the way.  I felt like I got to see what most of China looks like, and it is beautiful!
 Me and my boy...I am loving that he is loving the ergo!!! Thanks Eva!!!
 A family selfie...minus 4!!!
 Just one picture of the views on our way....I think it may be greener than the NW!
 We were able to get back our photo book that we sent him...he seemed to light up when he saw it! We also received the camera we sent, and a photo album that Morris' parents sent!
 This is where we applied for his passport...Thank goodness he didn't have to have his picture taken! They had it done the week before...
 and this is sweet!
 This is Jett's nanny...she was very sweet!  I would have taken a picture with her and wanted to, but poor Jett was losing it! He was sleeping in the front pack when we arrived and I covered his face up too just in case he woke up, however, when he heard his nanny's voice and all of the kiddos, his pretty little head popped right up!  So off I went outside!  I did get to hug her and tell her thank you!
This was his orphanage, the place he has lived for almost two years...has probably never seen outside of it until now.  We were able to see his finding place and the crib where he slept, but I feel like those he may want to keep to himself and share as he feels led...but at least we have those for him to see one day...answers to probably a few of his many questions some day!
I am honored to be his mother...I am still amazed at how God has orchastrated every detail from beginning until now....and while we may be changing his life, he will change our life far more...I am convinced of this.

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