Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Great Wall of China

Well, I've already tried to write and post this blog about 3 times and I am out of patience! I will just let the pictures speak for themselves!
 At the bottom ready to start the trek!

Morris about half way up...the mountains were breathtaking!

Notice that the climb is pretty steep...and the stairs were never the same height.

A view from the top.

We made it....finally!
Eva Means....I know you would fully appreciate that I treated myself to an ice cream bar on the way back down....yes, that's correct, I ate ice cream on The Great Wall of China!  You know you would've to Eva! I'll have to show you the picture when I get back since I haven't downloaded it yet...or maybe it'll be in some random post!

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  1. Oh yes I would have! So proud! Thanks for taking one for the team! ;-)