Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting to Know Jett

I will warn you there is only one picture (and it's a great one!), but, today was probably one of my favorite least a couple hours of it anyways.  I was able to sit down with our CCAI rep and we went through the packet of pictures and updates that his nanny gave us!  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have this information....a little sneak peak into the heart and personality of our boy, given by the person who lived every day with him for the last 22 months.

We learned about when he had his firsts; such as rolling over, crawling, and walking.  We learned his nanny's name and that he's been with his same nanny since he was 1-1/2 months old.  We learned that he really does love to be outside....when he wanted to go out, and they wouldn't take him, he would sit at the door and cry.  We also learned that she thought he was "lovely" and "naughty" a lot....sounds like a few other kiddos I know...I won't name any names though!  The stories she shared of him were examples of his warm and kind heart, as well as, his stubborness, and some of his funny personality.   So far I'm thinking that he and Jake are going to be best buds or at each others throat, competing for my attention.  I'm sure it will be a little bit of both. 

Going through this packet, I learned that he had two really good buddies that he would play with, eat next to, and dance with.  I'm sure he is missing them as much as his nanny, but hopfully, his 4 siblings will change all of that...I just wish I had some pictures of them...who knows, maybe they'll be in the roll of film we need to develop!

Funny Personality:
I also found out that in his orphanage they raised pigs, ducks, and chickens....apparently he loved them and would imitate their movements....when he would see the nannies laughing at him, he would laugh and do it more!  Sounds like we have an entertainer on our hands! 

Apparently when the nanny would tell him "no", he would smile and laugh at her and do it again "on purpose" she wrote, which is probably why he is doing that same thing to me. When I tell him "no" or "bu" as he knows it, he looks at me and smiles, but at least when he sees that I'm serious, he doesn't try doing it again....ok, maybe sometimes!  She said that he would also go around and take the crib sheets off the cribs and throw them on the floor....I had to laugh at that one....although I know what a pain it is putting those on!

Warm and Kind Heart:
She wrote that one time when they were getting a snack ready for the kids, they handed it out to a few of the boys (one of them being him)first, and when some others didn't get theirs right away, they started to cry...he quickly gave his to one of the little boys crying....this makes my heart happy to hear.  So far he is very good at sharing...maybe he'll teach Jake a thing or two!

Those are just a few of the stories I was able to hear today.  More than anything I loved that his nanny wrote down how much she loved him and that he followed her around everywhere....he was her shadow, or as they say it over here, "her tail"!  You can tell that he was well loved and cared for, and no gifts or words could ever be enough  to say thank you for all she has done for Jett.  I am so thankful that in the midst of caring for so many kids, she took the time to write down things that are important not only to me, but things that will be important to Jett one day too!!!

This is a picture of Jett with his nanny! I love this one...I think it shows how much love she has for him!

God, I thank you for his nanny, that she took such great care of him and most of all that she loved him.  Thank you for placing her in his life until we could come for him!  Why do I ever doubt you...why do I ever think that my plan could be better....I am overwhelmed by how perfectly you chose Wu Hao Jun, to be, Jett Wu Bramlett....that he gets to be apart of our family forever....and that we get to be apart of his...thank you for letting us be his parents....we are so honored!  You have done far more than I could have thought or imagined and I am beyond grateful! My heart is full!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Day of Bargaining

Today we headed out for some shopping...and with shopping there is always bargaining!  We went to the pearl market and looked at some salt water and fresh water pearls.  We also learned how to tell a real one from a fake one, and what makes one worth more than another.  It all was very interesting!
The kiddos decided to do some bargaining as well....they sat in their strollers and traded snacks with each other.  It is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

We also headed to a place called Shamain Island....and it is so much different and low key than the rest of the places we've been to in China.  It was actually relaxing and you never worried about getting ran over by a car or a scooter.  As you will see in the pictures below, it has more of a French European feel to it....maybe even New Orleans!  It was absolutely beautiful! 

 We went to a restaraunt called Lucy's, and it was delicious!  It had lots of American food, but we had sweet & sour chicken, rice, and Morris ordered onion rings as well!

Jett with his little buddy Kai....they are so cute together....and are awesome at sharing!!! Excited to see what these boys grow up and do in life!

More pictures of this pretty little town! 

They also had a Starbuck's and I will say that it is hands down the prettiest/coolest Starbuck's I've ever been too!  I absolutely loved it!

Hang'n with Daddy...listening to every word, and trying to understand whatever it is he is saying!

But not for long....cause he is busy like that!

It has been and great day....but we are SO ready to get home!  We have our US consulate appointment tomorrow morning, and prayers are appreciated!  Then we get our visas on Thursdays and leave Friday!  We are almost there....again, thank you for all your prayers, and words of encouragement, we are looking forward to being home together as a family of 7...and looking forward to introducing Jett to all of our family and friends!  We love you all!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Drinking and Driving....and Just Like My Brother Jake

 So, while we are waiting in the lobby today, Jett want's his bottle, and so we go ahead and give it to him.  Apparently he isn't too thirsty, but he needs a drink while he's driving his stroller around!!! He must get that from his Daddy and his Paw Paw....they always have to have some kind of drink when they hit the road!
We also noticed tonight that Jett is just like Jake, or Jake is just like Jett....they both are very mechanical!  As you can see below he is checking out the wheels of his stroller!!! I think they are going to get along just fine!

This morning we had his medical exam.  Thank you for all your prayers, we were aloud to go with him to each room as we saw two different doctors and one nurse!  He did cry since he wasn't too thrilled to be checked over, but overall he did great....and he really liked the sucker we gave him when it was all over!!!

This wine vending machine was down in the lobby of the medical building....for real folks!!! I think some of us were tempted to snag a bottle on our way out as most of us (if not all) had crying babies through the whole process!!!
He had to get his photo taken first thing and did better than expected!!! No tears!!!  All of the information taken today will be given to the US consulate for our appointment on Wednesday.

He was all smiles before the checkup....and it didn't take him too long to start smiling again after!

After the medical exam, we headed back to the room to put Jett down for a nap, and decided to get some laundry you think he'll still do it for me when we get back home????  I may try and see if he'll do it....I mean really, at least he won't have to do it by hand!!!

The bathroom was our hang out while Jett napped....I'm glad we are out and about most days for naps.  Being stuck in the bathroom for 2-1/2 hours wasn't all that exciting as you can tell by the look on Mo's face!  He was a good husband and brought me a McFlurry though!!!!  I also painted my nails and Morris made himself some tea and coffee!  Fun times!

We also had some drama...we were about to leave to go kill some time at the little mall across the way, so I put Jett in his stroller and just as we were walking out the door, I happened to smell something....could be poop!  So I we decided, being the great parents we are, I'll change him before we leave.  I started to take him back out of his stroller and to my surprise, poop was pretty much everywhere.....and as we stripped him down, it was in even more, a bath it was!  This was his first time in the bath...he has always showered with me because he would scream and refuse to sit down in the bathtub.....yay for another victory!!!

Tonight, it was a Pearl River boat cruise and Papa John's pizza!!! Mandy Bramlett, I know you can and will appreciate that!!!  It was amazing....we've been eating a lot of chinese food lately and last night is was a little risky....good, but risky!  It can be hard to order when your menu doesn't have english on it!  Tonights dinner was a welcomed change, and Jett loved it so much he ate two pieces!

He is also finding out that Daddy isn't so bad after all!  He made some huge progress as you'll see later on!

There it is Mandy, Papa John's pizza!!! Bet you can't wait to have some of that!!! Or maybe they have it over there in Zambia too! 

Wow!!! Would you look at that hair...I feel like a movie star in this pic....not too sure what Jett's doing though!  When we went on the top floor of the boat, it was pretty windy....Jett kept covering his face and squinting....maybe he's never experienced wind before!

Not sure what the name of this tower is, but it is the 2nd tallest building in the world! The lights would change colors...pretty impressive!

Here it is folks....look who's letting Daddy hold him...and he's not even crying!!! Seriously, this is huge....huge for Jett and huge for me....I get a break for a little bit! 

Thank you, thank you for all your prayers....he is hearing and answering them!  Little by little, Jett is opening up to us and we are so grateful!  Please continue to pray for him....we still need it!!!

Other ways you can be praying:

For flights to be open on our way back home.
For our consulate appointment to go well.
For our kiddos, mostly Jo, she seems to be having more of a hard least when we facetime her.
Energy for Lyn as she cares for all 4 kiddos by herself.

I just want to say thank you to those who have loved on our kiddos while we are away, especially to my mom and dad, and Lyn....we know it isn't an easy job, but we are so appreciative of your time and willingness to do it.  Our kiddos love you all so much and so do Morris and I.  To our friends and family that have helped fill in the gaps...thank you to you as well.  I love your servant hearts and your willingness to help bring peace and comfort to our kids while we are away!  We love you so much!

I'm off to bed...hope y'all have a great day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chocolate Nose Slobber and Baby Pictures

Today was another good day....lots of personality and even a few sounds....not sure if they were words or not, but something other than giggles!  Tomorrow is his medical check up.  I've had people say that we don't get to go with them when they are brought back to be examined, and others that say we I guess we'll just have to see, but prayers are appreciated. 
We have one RN and one nurse practitioner in our group and Jett allowed the nurse practitioner to look in his ears and in his mouth a little bit!  She said one ear looked like it could turn into an ear infection, so if you wouldn't mind praying for healing, we would appreciate it so much!  
Today I was eating some dark chocolate (thank you Krista Williams, I am finished with all my dark, almond chocolate!  Obviously I didn't plan very well...I still have 5 more days!).....and Jett wanted some, so I gave him a little, and to my surprise there was some chocolate slobber coming out of his nose.  We weren't sure if there was an opening that went all the way up....but after we saw that, I looked in his mouth a little closer and sure enough there is a small hole that does go all the way up to his nasal passage.  Looking at the medical records that we were given before we had him in our arms, we weren't sure what to expect, but now as we re-read them, and have seen inside his mouth, it is all starting to make more sense!

There was another surprise today as well....I had heard from other families that have adopted kiddos from the same orphanage, that they had received a packet full of pictures from the time they arrived at the orphanage until the time they left.  I asked our rep while we were in Zhengzhou if Jett had anything like that and she didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  Anyways, when Morris was looking through and preparing all the paper work for tomorrow, he came across a packet.....full of pictures!!!! I was absolutely thrilled!!!  It showed pictures from about the time he arrived and pictures of him before his lip was repaired....and pictures of him with other little boys from the orphanage too.  There are also pictures of him with his same nanny, probably around the time he arrived at the orphanage!!! So you can imagine the bond he had with her was a close one!  I am so thankful of the care he thankful that she loved him!  There a quite a few pictures of him smiling....which makes this mama's heart happy too!

My heart is sad for his birth mother....that she didn't get to experience this sweet little boy...that she was more than likely forced to make a decision that she really didn't want to make.  My prayer is that her heart would be at peace...that some how she would know her son is being loved on and cared for...and more than anything, that she is loved by our Heavenly Father.  I feel so privliged to be his forever mama and so thankful that God pressed this upon our hearts...this process has forever changed him be all glory and honor!

Today I am just doing some random photos....Mo hasn't done his daily duty of uploading our pictures for the day!  Maybe he should get himself a different duty!!!  He has also figured out that it is easier just taking them on his phone and uploading them onto Facebook....which doesn't help me with my blogging!  Anyways, enjoy!
 I told y'all that I treated myself to some ice cream on the way back dow the wall...this one was for you Eva Means!!!
 This is "Gotcha Day" before we left to go meet him!!!
This is another picture from the lovely Walmart in Zhengzhou...the carts have magnets on them so they don't roll down when you are riding the escalator up or down!  They also have different snacks you can grab on your way in or out!
Well, that is it for today! Hope all is well back in the states....we are looking forward to seeing y'all when we get back!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shaolin Temple and Our Flight to Guangzhou

So I really haven't been doing a great job of keeping up with the blog....and in all seriousness, there wasn't too much change in his personality or how he was doing up until today!  There were little...or maybe tiny changes, but what can you expect from a little boy who was taken from everything he's known and given to two strange looking white people, which I'm sure he had never seen before! However, last night was the first night that he started to really play and explore our room a bit!  I think he must have played for 2-1/2 hours straight while we packed and got ourselves ready for our trip to Guangzhou!  Bedtime is getting better as well, he will only cry for a minute or two and tonight, he just sort of whimpered.  I would cuddle him if I could, but he wants nothing to do with being held before bed. 
Tonight we had quite the experience at dinner.  In fact we were shocked and surpised to see that our little guy has quite the throwing arm!  We are coming to find out that his little personality is growing into a rather big personality! I think Jake may have met his match when it comes to busyness and being into everything....and I am quickly learning how full my hands will be once we get home!!!  Anyways, back to dinner....we got him settled into his highchair, and gave him some of his favorite snacks in a bowl as we waited for our dinner to be brought to us (he is not a boy that wants to just sit in his highchair with nothing to do).  He ate one and before we knew it he was throwing one after the other across the table at sort of reminded us of the movie "Elf", when Elf was throwing snowballs at the kids! They were fast balls to say the least and if a major league scout were to have seen that, he may have been signing a contract!!!  However, we needed to figure out a way of gently telling him that it isn't ok to throw his food.  That is next to impossible since Morris and I can't speak a lick of Chinese! 
We are so thankful that the Lord is softening his heart towards us and that he feels safe enough to start showing us some of his personality!  He did give Mo a kiss the other day, yet still refuses to let Mo hold him...please continue to pray for his little heart and also for wisdom on how to handle situations such as the food throwing.  It is a fine line and we need his wisdom to help us navigate through this process!
Below are some pictures from our last tour in Zhengzhou at the Shaolin Temple and also our flight from today down to Guangzhou.  Hope ya'll are doing well, and thank you so much for your prayers and support!
 Entrance to the Shaolin Temple....built in 495AD.  The Buddhist monks live here and they also used to teach kung fu.  There were lots of boarding schools on the way up there that were the kids would learn kung fu.
 Jett and his new friend Kai sharing some snacks!  I need to get a better picture of Kai, he is so darn cute and has the cutest dimples and voice!  He is the only other boy in our group.
 Learning that it's ok to smile and laugh!
 The mountains over here are absolutely might actually think this picture was taken in Washington!
 Jett's first plane ride! (Eva, thanks again for letting me borrow the has come in very handy, and he likes it!)
Another family selfie...-4 of the kiddos!
 He polished this bag off on the way to the hotel...thank goodness we found more of his favorite snacks!  What will we do when we get back to the states! (Sue Henry...They are basically like chips with ketchup on them....I think you two will get along great!)
Happy Boy!
One more week and we'll be coming home!  We will hopefully know more details in the next couple of days regarding our flight and what time we will arrive on the 22nd....we would love to see you at the airport if you can make it!  Stay tuned for more details!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

His City

So I am  a day behind on my bloging....but it is what it is!  Yesterday was a great day, for two reasons, first of all, it was the love of my lifes 31st birthday! I couldn't imagine sharing this life with anyone but him!  And being together in China to bring home our new son has only brought us closer! The second reason it was a great day, was because we were able to go to Jett's hometown and see where he spent the last almost 2 years of his life!  To have some pieces to the puzzle feels amazing...some day he will have questions and we will be able to answer and show him pictures to some of those questions. 
We started off taking what they call the "Bullet Train", which goes 186 mph.  I was actually pretty cool. I may even like it better than an airplane because you actually get to see places along the way.  I felt like I got to see what most of China looks like, and it is beautiful!
 Me and my boy...I am loving that he is loving the ergo!!! Thanks Eva!!!
 A family selfie...minus 4!!!
 Just one picture of the views on our way....I think it may be greener than the NW!
 We were able to get back our photo book that we sent him...he seemed to light up when he saw it! We also received the camera we sent, and a photo album that Morris' parents sent!
 This is where we applied for his passport...Thank goodness he didn't have to have his picture taken! They had it done the week before...
 and this is sweet!
 This is Jett's nanny...she was very sweet!  I would have taken a picture with her and wanted to, but poor Jett was losing it! He was sleeping in the front pack when we arrived and I covered his face up too just in case he woke up, however, when he heard his nanny's voice and all of the kiddos, his pretty little head popped right up!  So off I went outside!  I did get to hug her and tell her thank you!
This was his orphanage, the place he has lived for almost two years...has probably never seen outside of it until now.  We were able to see his finding place and the crib where he slept, but I feel like those he may want to keep to himself and share as he feels led...but at least we have those for him to see one day...answers to probably a few of his many questions some day!
I am honored to be his mother...I am still amazed at how God has orchastrated every detail from beginning until now....and while we may be changing his life, he will change our life far more...I am convinced of this.