Monday, August 18, 2014

Drinking and Driving....and Just Like My Brother Jake

 So, while we are waiting in the lobby today, Jett want's his bottle, and so we go ahead and give it to him.  Apparently he isn't too thirsty, but he needs a drink while he's driving his stroller around!!! He must get that from his Daddy and his Paw Paw....they always have to have some kind of drink when they hit the road!
We also noticed tonight that Jett is just like Jake, or Jake is just like Jett....they both are very mechanical!  As you can see below he is checking out the wheels of his stroller!!! I think they are going to get along just fine!

This morning we had his medical exam.  Thank you for all your prayers, we were aloud to go with him to each room as we saw two different doctors and one nurse!  He did cry since he wasn't too thrilled to be checked over, but overall he did great....and he really liked the sucker we gave him when it was all over!!!

This wine vending machine was down in the lobby of the medical building....for real folks!!! I think some of us were tempted to snag a bottle on our way out as most of us (if not all) had crying babies through the whole process!!!
He had to get his photo taken first thing and did better than expected!!! No tears!!!  All of the information taken today will be given to the US consulate for our appointment on Wednesday.

He was all smiles before the checkup....and it didn't take him too long to start smiling again after!

After the medical exam, we headed back to the room to put Jett down for a nap, and decided to get some laundry you think he'll still do it for me when we get back home????  I may try and see if he'll do it....I mean really, at least he won't have to do it by hand!!!

The bathroom was our hang out while Jett napped....I'm glad we are out and about most days for naps.  Being stuck in the bathroom for 2-1/2 hours wasn't all that exciting as you can tell by the look on Mo's face!  He was a good husband and brought me a McFlurry though!!!!  I also painted my nails and Morris made himself some tea and coffee!  Fun times!

We also had some drama...we were about to leave to go kill some time at the little mall across the way, so I put Jett in his stroller and just as we were walking out the door, I happened to smell something....could be poop!  So I we decided, being the great parents we are, I'll change him before we leave.  I started to take him back out of his stroller and to my surprise, poop was pretty much everywhere.....and as we stripped him down, it was in even more, a bath it was!  This was his first time in the bath...he has always showered with me because he would scream and refuse to sit down in the bathtub.....yay for another victory!!!

Tonight, it was a Pearl River boat cruise and Papa John's pizza!!! Mandy Bramlett, I know you can and will appreciate that!!!  It was amazing....we've been eating a lot of chinese food lately and last night is was a little risky....good, but risky!  It can be hard to order when your menu doesn't have english on it!  Tonights dinner was a welcomed change, and Jett loved it so much he ate two pieces!

He is also finding out that Daddy isn't so bad after all!  He made some huge progress as you'll see later on!

There it is Mandy, Papa John's pizza!!! Bet you can't wait to have some of that!!! Or maybe they have it over there in Zambia too! 

Wow!!! Would you look at that hair...I feel like a movie star in this pic....not too sure what Jett's doing though!  When we went on the top floor of the boat, it was pretty windy....Jett kept covering his face and squinting....maybe he's never experienced wind before!

Not sure what the name of this tower is, but it is the 2nd tallest building in the world! The lights would change colors...pretty impressive!

Here it is folks....look who's letting Daddy hold him...and he's not even crying!!! Seriously, this is huge....huge for Jett and huge for me....I get a break for a little bit! 

Thank you, thank you for all your prayers....he is hearing and answering them!  Little by little, Jett is opening up to us and we are so grateful!  Please continue to pray for him....we still need it!!!

Other ways you can be praying:

For flights to be open on our way back home.
For our consulate appointment to go well.
For our kiddos, mostly Jo, she seems to be having more of a hard least when we facetime her.
Energy for Lyn as she cares for all 4 kiddos by herself.

I just want to say thank you to those who have loved on our kiddos while we are away, especially to my mom and dad, and Lyn....we know it isn't an easy job, but we are so appreciative of your time and willingness to do it.  Our kiddos love you all so much and so do Morris and I.  To our friends and family that have helped fill in the gaps...thank you to you as well.  I love your servant hearts and your willingness to help bring peace and comfort to our kids while we are away!  We love you so much!

I'm off to bed...hope y'all have a great day!

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