Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Little Note to Jett and some Walmart Super Market Sweeps

Today we flew down to Zhengzhou, the capital of the province where our son is from!  I am beyond excited! I literally can't stand it any longer!  Believe it or not they have a Walmart here....we went there and picked Jett up a few foods that he likes.  When we first landed, our CCAI rep gave us a piece of paper that had his schedule and what he ate, as well as different things about his personality!  I can already tell he is going to fit in just perfect!  God knew what he was doing when he picked him for our family! We also picked up some diapers, wipes, and a stroller.  There is another gal that is with our group who is also adopting a little boy and we got them matching strollers! They are the only two boys in our group so I'm pretty sure they'll be buds! 

I will also say that we have a pretty awesome group...I am so glad that there are other families with us on this journey.  They are all so great and we have really started to bond with all of them!

Below are some pics of our plane ride to Zhengzhou and our Walmart shopping experience! I also included a little note that I wrote to Jett while on the plane today.  My heart was and is overwhelmed knowing the things he will face tomorrow.  It helps me to write them out and I hope someday he will be able to look back on this journey and get a picture of not only the things that we did down here, but also, all the emotions that were felt as well! 

Sweet Jett,
Tomorrow is the day we get to meet you for the first time!  Right now Mama and Daddy are on a plane, flying down to your province.  We left all the tourism and distractions of Beijing and are on our way to get you...the real reason why we came to China!  I was hoping to get a little shut eye on this flight to Zhengzhou, but my mind is racing....there are no distractions, nothing to do, so I sit here and think of meeting you, precious boy!  It brings me to tears thinking about how you will be packing up soon to come meet now you are probably sensing somthing is up!  All the things you experience tomorrow will be brand new, strangeg, and frightening.  All I want to do is hug you and tell you that it is all going to be okay.  I'm sure we won't be of much comfort the 1st day and night, or even the 2nd, but I hope you will know very soon how much you are much we loved you even before we saw your sweet much you are prayed for and loved by so many family and friends...and even more, how much you are loved by your Heavenly Father.  We have gone to great lengths to bring you home and adopt you into our family, but He has gone to even greater lengths to adopt you into his eternal family.  I pray with all my heart, that above all else, you will know this to the deepest core of your being.  That you will love and follow him with everything you've got!
He has orchastrated all of this....not one bit of this journey has gone untouched by his hands.  We love you so much and we are so excited to be your forever family! We will be forever changed by you!


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