Friday, August 8, 2014

"My Dogs Are Barking Today"

Today we saw pretty much everything except The Great Wall of China!  There probably won't be too many words to this post, mostly pictures...and you will see why I titled this blog, "My Dogs Are Barking Today"! These pictures won't do any of these places justice, but I'm sure you will get some idea of how much history is here in China!  I am loving that I get to see all of this and hoping that Jett will one day experience it too! Hope you enjoy!

The Forbidden City - They started building it in 1406 and it was finished in 1420.
At the south entrance of the Forbidden City

 One single slab of stone

This is how people carry backpacks over here....and he is fanning himself with a fan.  Once again another great look for Morris!

A rickshaw ride and lunch with locals - I think this was by far my favorite part of the day!  We were able to see how people live in most areas here in Beijing, and probably most of China.  The food that the local family prepared for us was by far the best food we've had so far....I don't think I could ever get sick of eating it!

 Yes, they really do sleep in their rickshaw...I'm guessing it's between rides!
 A family taking care of their baby.
 At lunch with our group.
 Had to post a better pic of the style down here!
On the same street there are so many nice cars like this one....
and then there are also women doing their laundry in buckets.  Our guide was telling us that you can tell who are the wealthier families and who are commoners by how many beams there are above the door to their home and how many steps there are leading up to the door.  So crazy!

Tian'anmen Square - This was pretty amazing as well.  So much history.

This was one big TV and there was another one just beside it!

Peking duck for dinner - So I've heard Peking duck is great....and it was, but it was way over priced. However, at least we can say we tried it and we tried it in China!  The strange thing is after the chef is all done cutting it up in front of you and putting the meat on the plate, he then proceeds to cut the ducks head in half, rip off the beak, and lay it open on another plate with the brains of the cooked duck in full view!  Not my favorite thing to look at while eating my dinner!
 In front of the restaurant.

I'm sure now you know why I gave this post it's title.....we walked a ton and are exhausted!  My feet are aching and I am more than ready to go to bed!  While walking around today, I couldn't help but notice all the little boys, wondering if they were Jett's age and size!  We have all of Saturday and all of Sunday until we meet him....I can hardly stand it and my heart starts to beat fast whenever I think about it! While I am wanting to meet him so badly, I am enjoying this time I get to spend with Morris, just he and I.  It doesn't happen to often!  

Tomorrow we are headed to The Great Wall of China and then we will see an acrobat show as well! Thanks again for sharing this journey with us!  

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