Thursday, April 17, 2014


We are now 58 days past our log in date and I received an email that said we are OOT (out of translation)!!!!  While this is still in the normal range of waiting, it is on the longer side! I'm sure my agency was happy to inform me of this new status, considering I have been hounding them every week for the past 4 weeks to see if we had made it out of translation!  We now go into the process of review before we receive our LOA (letter of approval), this could be another 30 days give or take some.  I'm just excited that our dossier wasn't lost or misplaced....knowing that there has been some progress gives me relief!

I realized that I didn't even post about the day we were given our sons referral.....I'm chalking that up to lack of focus and being completely brain dead from the excitement of seeing his sweet face for the first time!  It really came as a shock to us considering we were logged in 2 days prior.  I had called our agency to ask some questions, one being "how long is the wait for a referral"?  She put me on hold and when she came back she told me that she had one for us.....wait, what?????? Yes, that is correct, I called for our referral! She said we were on her list to call today, and we beat her to the punch!  Of coarse Morris was on a trip, but luckily he was on the ground and we had a conference call to discuss all the details of our little boy!  Once we were off the phone, we both headed to our email to look at his file and see his sweet face!
Of coarse you can't see his little face in this picture, but we were all so excited!  Jake doesn't know it yet but he is getting an older brother (by 2 months)! I'm sure they will be best buds, and be very mischievous!  
Look at that sweet face! I stare at him all the time!

This one shows a little more personality! Jake makes this same expression!

And this one straight up reminds me of Jake, the look on his face and the way he is squatting down. Like I said, they'll be buddies, maybe not at first because Jake might have some jealousy issues, but hopefully in time they will love each other to pieces!

We are so looking forward to bringing this boy home.  Words can't express how much I long to just hold and kiss him....I'm sure he won't feel the same as he is being handed over, but I pray daily for his heart and the transition that he is about to endure.  I pray that some how God will prepare him...that maybe we won't feel or look so strange to him.  He has a rough road ahead and I ask that you join our family in prayer and lift little Jett up to the God who the God who the God who knows all our needs....and to the God who provides FOR all our needs.  It is he who heals the wounded and brokenhearted.

Jett, sweet one, we are a little bit closer!  Praying that God will not only prepare your little heart, but that he will also prepare ours as be able to know how to best care for to best love and support you through your transition into our family, and in the years to come.  We love you sweet boy....beyond words.

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