Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today we had some amazing weather and were able to spend some great quality time together as a family!!! Unfortunately I wasn't the best mom....thought it was going to only be around 70 or 75....the sun wouldn't be too intense since we are still in the Spring months, but I was was 81 and 2 of my little girls saw the effects of that with some minor sun burns.  Why do I ever not put sunscreen should be automatic! But they had fun and aren't in too much pain!
 They all had fun on the slip'n slide...and Jo has improved greatly in this area since last year!!!
 Nothing like doing school outside in your bathing suit...perks of homeschool!!!
 My sweet Brookie....just smiling....because it's her favorite...and she's like her Auntie Sue!
 Chickens are getting bigger and loving being out and about !!!
 Sister fun!!!
 When daddy is home he is a daddy's boy!!!
 Just enjoying a cold Popsicle.... 
 Sister too.....
They all did!
 Jake wasn't too sure about the slip'n slide...but I'm sure by the end of Summer, he'll be a pro!
His favorite place to be is on a lawn mower or tractor! He plays for hours on end up there!!! It's like a built in babysitter!

I am excited to see how Jett will fit into the mix! I wonder what his obsession will be....will it be tractors like his brother? 

I miss you Jett's days like these that make me wonder what you'll be like...what you'll be interested in....what your personality will be like and how you'll fit into our family....I know that you will...God chose you to be apart of our family and I am exited for that day! It is also days like today that distract me from the fact that we are still a ways off.  I love you Jett! Can't wait for the pictures that you'll be in on days like these! A little bit closer baby boy!

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