Tuesday, February 25, 2014

God's Timing

I Can't tell you how many times I have thought a certain something would go a certain way, but God has different plans. We thought for sure that my husband would get hired with a bigger airline, everything seemed to line up perfect. The interview couldn't have gone any better, etc....But God had different plans.  It was a No!  Another job opportunity came up...another NO!  When my heart was stirring and broken for the orphans of this world, I thought it was another definite NO for my husband....But, God had different plans, and he changed my husbands heart in a matter of days! So, now we are on this journey of adoption, if any of those jobs would've happened, we wouldn't have been able to adopt.  We wouldn't have met the requirements.

We thought we would've had all our paper work done by Jake's 1st birthday (Nov. 18th), but we sent our dossier to our agency at the end of January.  With the Chinese New Year, it didn't go to China until February 14th.  Human timeline told us that it would get there in 3-5 days, and be logged in within 3 weeks....BUT God's timeline was again, different.  Our dossier was received on February 19th and logged in on the same day! We found this out on Thursday, February 20th...Awesome news! Excited was an understatement! While talking with our agency, the gal told me that it would be soon, and I should have asked, how soon is "soon"?  But don't worry, I called the next day (Friday the 21st) to ask that question (and some other questions so I wouldn't seem so obvious)!!! Wouldn't you know that "soon" was in fact that day....YES! We received our referral during that phone call!!!! I was floored! And apparently calling for your own referral doesn't happen all that often!  It could have possibly been the first for them!!!  Something that should have taken around three months, took one week.  God sped things up for a reason and I believe the reason was that this little boy was the one he had picked out for our family from day one.  I believe this to the core of my being.

He was 2 months old when Jake was born (adoption wasn't even on our radar).  He was 8 months when we had made the decision to adopt, and 9 months when we took this picture.
I am completely overwhelmed and amazed at how much God cares for us, his children.  When we have no idea, or understanding of what is going on, he does!  He is omniscient and sovereign...But, above that, he is loving, and I feel so blessed to live this life knowing him.....it's hard to contain!

As we move forward, human timeline is telling us 5-6 months, but we know that his timeline is different. It could in fact be 5-6 months....it could be longer....or it could be shorter, but we trust that his timing is perfect.  We look forward to bringing our son home, and we look forward to loving on him, but for now we will love on him from afar.  Please join us as we continue to pray for him.  For his health and safety, for his ability to bond, and for him to know how deeply he is loved by his Heavenly Father!  

We are one step closer sweet boy!  We love you so much and were so excited when we saw your face for the first time! You are a precious gift and we look forward to holding and hugging you!  Hopefully it won't be too much longer!  

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  1. Just checked back and saw all your progress-a match-congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. We have been home from China almost 3 weeks with our new son and I wore your fundraiser shirt many times while we were there :)