Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Blogging Thing is Complicated

So, I am starting to blog for several reasons, but three reasons primarily.  The first being that, I have been wanting to journal about our kids and different events that happen within our family. There is a lot that goes on around here and I'm afraid this brain won't remember all of it.  The second is, I want to journal about our adoption.  I want the child we adopt to have something to read and look back on.  To know that they were thought of, prayed for, and loved even before we knew them or saw their face.  The third reason is simply this, I want to be able to share our life with others.  My hope is that this blog will be a help and encouragement to friends, family and people I don't even know! With all that said, I had know idea how HARD it would be to set up and design a blog....and I'm almost certain I did the most simple thing out there!  So that should tell you just how computer illiterate I am!  So here is to blogging....let the adventure begin!!!



  1. Yay, Allie! I can't wait to read about all your adventures. (And your blog is very cute.)

  2. Thanks Holly! Miss seeing you! Hope you and the fam are doing well!

  3. So proud of you, Allie! Your writing is really good, well organized and interesting!

  4. I've come so far since A/B English! I had a really GREAT teacher!!!

    1. Thanks, Allie! Good memories of you as a student. You were always so positive.

  5. Its hard running a blog. For me Jarle did all my web things and its him that is editing my photos.
    Keep up the good work:-)
    Love Janne

  6. I've never followed a blog, but I think this one is adorable!! :) I can't wait to keep reading... Love you, Sis! :)
    -Sue Bramlett Henry (soon to be aunt of #5!)

  7. Janne - Thank you...I may have to have Morris help me...He is the techy around here! Thanks Sue...I need to figure out how to follow blogs...gol...haven't mastered that one yet!:)